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Alarm Bells For Literacy

Literacy Rates Dropping This morning I was listening too Melbourne’s 3AW radio and the topic of conversation was all about the effectiveness of our teachers. My sister teaches grade 3 and 4 kids plus I have a great admiration for teachers because of everything they have to do, sort of wears me out just hearing about it. An article “Alarm ...

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Weighing on Minds

Weighing on Minds Teens in alarming body image battle,

Teens in alarming body image battle I was in my research and development lab the other day and came across this article written by Susie O’Brien in the Herald Sun Tuesday 30th October, 2018. This is the alarming fact that the world is living and judging from the “outside in”. Laura, 13, and friend Maddie, 12, know the pressure girls ...

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Push-back to Pensions

Money, Money and Retirement,

WOW… can you see any problems here? I was in my research and development lab and come across this article in the Herald Sun on Sunday November 18th, 2018, “Pushback to pensions – Labor franking policy to hit retirees”The article was written by Sophie Elsworth and Anthony Keane and highlights why you need to take a “helicopter approach” to get ...

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Are you earning enough?

Are You earning Enough Money

  Household income of $102,000 a year on average is now needed for a “reasonable” standard of living. “This is $16,000 higher than full-time average total earnings of $86,000 per year.  “This is $16,000 higher than full-time average total earnings of $86,000 per year. Here’s a great article published on Pg 18 Saturday Oct 27th in the Herald Sun and written ...

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Small Business Goes Bust

Small Business Goes Bust - Retailer Closes

RETAILER CLOSES On reading the Hearld Sun on Friday November 16th 2018, pg.9,  I came across an article by KARINA BARRYMORE and it caused me to ponder the following …………………. MORE than 200 Victorians will lose their jobs just weeks before Christmas as Melbourne retailer Roger David closes its doors after 76 years in the state. Online sales and rising shop rents ...

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