How do I become a millionaire? | What Is The No 1 Secret?

24 How do I become a millionaire is
explained in less than 2 minutes & with just one thing to do.

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How do I become a millionaire?

What’s up, Tom Matthew here.

What are the options To Becoming A Millionaire?
Today I want to talk about the concept of “how do I become a
millionaire” because it is a very interesting question that people ask,
“how do I become a millionaire”, how do you become wealthy?
I think of it from this point of view…

I’m 22 and at 16 I left school and there are multiple options
to think about when your that age about what your going to do,
you start to think about what your going to do in your life.

The Traditional Route! VS Choosing To Become A Millionaire
The traditional path that is preached is to go to school,
get good grades, they might go to uni, get a degree and then
get a job. But for me I didn’t want become a Doctor, Lawyer or
Butcher or Baker and have to get up at 4 in the morning.

For me the idea of the traditional 9-5 job just didn’t appeal
to me.

What I wanted to do was become a millionaire. I wanted to
become financially free and own my own time so I could do
what I wanted when I wanted and have the money to be able
to afford it.

Become A Millionaire For The Lifestyle
I had the idea in my head that instead of working at a job
I hate, I’d rather play video games, go for walks, go to gym,
enjoy the day rather then be miserable in a traditional 9-5 job,
this is the sought of thing I wanted to do.

What Is The No 1 Secret to becoming a millionaire?
So then the question you have to ask yourself is, how do I
become a millionaire? It’s simply through modelling a

Well the first step is a logical one. If you want to become
a great footballer what do you do? You watch the best footballers,
what do they do, how do they run, how do they kick, what’s
their mindset?

How do I become a millionaire? | Through Modelling
And it is the same if your question is “how do I become a
millionaire?” You get in touch with a millionaire. How? Is
your next door neighbour a millionaire, if so then great, talk
to them and ask them questions.

If not then read their books, buy their products, listen to
their courses and that’s how you get involved with millionaires
and that’s how you become a millionaire, you listen to what
they say you do what they do and you think like they think.

Why Stop There At Just Becoming A Millionaire?
Through this process you will learn how to become a millionaire
or multi millionaire or billionaire or whatever you want to do…

What’s The Fast Track To Becoming A Millionaire.
Now if you want to fast track this you can work with us because
we are partnered with a millionaire, Matt Lloyd, he is 27 and
we are doing what he does and we are getting into his mind,
so if you want to become a millionaire hook up with us because
we are hooked into a millionaire. If you want to become a
millionaire, that’s how you do it.

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