Online Marketing Leads – Who Owns Your Leads Now?

Online Marketing Leads –

Who Owns Your Leads?


My brother-in-law text me this week to say that his daughter had come
across a mlm (multi level marketing) opportunity and asked me to check out the site.

I had a look at the site and it was a site that was promoting health products.

On the surface I have no problems with business opportunities and I always
encourage the idea of having a dream and going for it because the worst thing
that can happen is you will learn something which is actually a good thing.

Some opportunities come into your life as blessings and some opportunities
come into your life as lessons.

Anyway, the lesson here is to have the foresight, to have the insight, to at
least know that business opportunities are WORK in disguise and usually
require a lot of personal growth and a couple of thousand dollars in seed

Once you get past the warm and friendly copy writing about how easy it is to
make money you will be left with what is really going on. What is really going
on:  is that you have the opportunity to become a LEADER and that may take some

From a business point of view it is critical that the newbie understands
that long-term they need to own the leads as opposed to the marketing company
owning the leads.

So the idea of building a brand under your name is the solution to having
ownership over your online marketing leads, which in time convert to customers. The big
takeaway here is that YOU own the leads, people are following YOU.

Can you see that we all need to able to think six steps ahead, we need to
understand that companies come and go, companies change their rules, they
change their compensation plans but if you understand that you need to own
the leads  and that the leads are branded to you, the leader, then the future
is guaranteed.

That’s my observation this week,

Phil Matthew

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