Matt LLoyd

Who Is Matt Lloyd

Matt Lloyd – CEO My Online Business Empire Interview

by TED NUYTEN on NOVEMBER 18, 2013  – To Read More……

Matt Lloyd from Perth, Australia started his home based company, My Online Business Empire (MOBE) in January 2012, from scratch.

MOBE is structured around the concept that the more leads a marketer’s website generates, the more success and more money they will make from their website. Matt Lloyd is founder and CEO.

MOBE is a unique affiliate program which pays out up to 90% in commissions. Affiliate marketing is selling another person’s product or service to earn a commission and it is by far one of the fastest, easiest ways to get started making a significant income online. MOBE is paying out in a typical month $500,000 in commissions.

By taking advantage of the Mobe License Rights, the high achieving entrepreneur has all the tools they need to create a successful internet marketing business.

What Did Matt Have To Say About Phil and Tom

Phil: Well, my name is Phil Matthew, I’m here at the Titanium Mastermind. It’s an event put on by my friend, Matt Lloyd. Matt Lloyd is the founder of the MOBE community and it is a community, and basically one of Matt’s goals is he started off shooting for about was 20 million. Personally, I thought you’re not gonna get that. But he tells me he’s now got a goal for 50 million by the end of December 2014. So I guess that the event has been a life changer, there’s been a shift for me and I really don’t know how to thank you for that. I mean, you had so many people come up and express that. So, yeah, that’s just my thoughts on that.

Matt: Well, I appreciate it. We’ve just got done with the first Titanium Mastermind. We’ve had about 200 people here. Phil was here, Phil is a platinum member and Tom holding the camera. It’s a wonderful experience to be finished with it, and if you have been thinking about joining MOBE and getting involved in MOBE, you’ve got several different levels you can work with. You can work with people who are a licensee – they are MOBE licensee. A titanium member or a platinum member. Now, Phil and Tommy, they’re actually platinum members and they’re from my home country of Australia. So if you’re watching this and you’re looking for someone to work with you in MOBE who knows what they’re doing and they’re very invested in the business, they’re invested to the point that they’re willing to get on a plane and travel 35 hours to get here, then I can’t think of two better guys to work with. So, definitely get connected with these guys, find out what they know and come join our community.

Phil: Thank you, appreciate it.

Matt: Have a great night!

Phil: We build our business with the same strategies we share with you, if you want to learn more visit followphilandtom.com or contact us directly on Skype: philip.matthew or Skype: tom_matthew1

Mike Koenigs

About Mike Koenigs

I grew up lower middle-class in Eagle Lake, Minnesota, a small town in Southwest Minnesota, population 763. I’m the oldest of four kids, my dad is a barber and I taught myself how to program the Apple ][+ when I was 14. I’ve been writing code and consulting since I was 16. I love smart, interesting, complex people with big ideas who want to change the world. If that sounds like you, we’ll resonate.  Read More…..


What Did Mike Have To Say To Phil and Tom On Working Together As A Family

Phil: Hey, it’s Phil Matthew, I’m here in Carbo St Lucas, titanium mastermind. I’m here with a legend in the industry, Mike Koenings. I was fortunate enough, I was just went and had dinner with Mike the other night and I can’t believe, I was just saying to Mike, the authenticity of the industry. And the knowledge – I mean, my company, thinking can you make $1 million in a year. And after meeting Mike, I know you can make $1 million maybe in a couple of hours. I might have got that wrong.

Mike: The story goes I made $1 million in 43 minutes and 20 years. The good news is you don’t have to spend the same hard 20 years I did through trial and error because the quality, imagination and mentorship that’s available now through the internet, I mean, it’s accessible to almost anyone. So it’s a great time to be alive.

Phil: So, what you need to do – I was just saying to Mike there’s a once in a lifetime event. I cannot believe how accommodating the leaders are in the industry. And I just feel so fortunate. Something that I wasn’t anticipating.

Mike: Thank you and it’s been great meeting you and your son, Tom. And I think what’s important, he’s behind the camera right now. But after meeting you and just seeing your fire and your energy, the fact that you’re a father-son team, you’ve got that kind of connection and respect, to me it really is positioning you and setting you up for success. And I think it’s really important if you’re watching this, if you’ve got a son or a daughter and the idea, the thought that maybe you could work with your spouse, work with one of your children and actually build a substantial business, that’s incredibly valuable and interesting to potential prospect or a customer, the fact that they can meet with someone who clearly is exhibiting great parental skills and relationship skills means that there’s a higher probability that they’re going to be treated like family as well. So, I think that’s an incredible distinction to think about, it’s from a legacy perspective, to be able to work with one of your children and the fact that they even want to work with you means you’ve done your job as a dad, so congratulations on that.

Phil: Thanks!

Mike: My pleasure.

Phil: Thank you!


Ken Faminoff

Who Is Ken Faminoff

Nationally Recognized Skype Social Media Authority Expert|Traffic Generation|Small Business Marketing|Speaker|Coach on Network Marketing.  Read More…..@KenFaminoff FOLLOWS YOU

What Did Ken Have To Say About Phil and Tom Building Their Business

Phil: Hey, it’s Phil Matthew – platinum Titanium Mastermind. It’s been an absolutely awesome event, I’ve been able to meet industry legends. I’m with one now: Ken Faminoff. The reason I say Ken’s an industry legend is he’s had a lot of success with MOBE in particular and the thing I respect about Ken is he’s come from, you know, there’s been a tough road and I really admire the way he’s risen up  But I guess what I’m trying to say, is you know, you’ve been in the industry – what are your thoughts on  MOBE as a business?

Ken: It’s awesome. By far, I mean, I bought into all shiny objects that are out there. I’ve tried a whole bunch of things. Right now, with my top-tier and the 21 steps has been by far, absolutely the best converting funnel that’s out there right now. And the biggest thing is kind of no-brainer. You basically send traffic to the funnel, push the button for traffic and the front team calls the sale and watch your bank account increase. That’s how easy this business is, so if you’re not in my top-tier, you need to hook up with the Matthews and get in now. These guys are both father and son, and they are rising stars and they’re going to go out, take numbers and kick ass. Peace out!

Phil: Where can people catch up with you?

Ken: At kenfaminoff.com

Phil: Kenfaminoff.com. So if you’re looking for traffic, connections in traffic, Ken’s the man.


Robbie Gonzales


Who Is Robbie Gonzales

Robbie’s The Guy Who Got The Merc

What Does Robbie Really Think Of Phil and Tom

Phil: Hey, it’s Phil Matthew, I’m here with my great friend and coach Rob Gonzalez. I’ve been with Rob for the last year and he’s one of the MOBE coaches, and he’s one of the guys who basically got us started and was a catalyst to helping us get thousands of leads online. Rob’s basically a 6 figure earner himself. We at least know that much, and you know, I’d like to get back to you Rob, in terms with us.

Rob: I tell you, one thing that I’ve really, really learned and appreciate not just so long ago is that of all of the students I’ve worked with, all the people I’ve worked with as far as people who are new into the industry and are starting to learn… you as a candidate, and your son Tom have been two steps above everybody else. You guys have not only learned a lot…

Phil: Thanks!

Rob: No, not only learned a lot, but you really do take action on this. Daily, and you always give me your daily stats and what you’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks, but the fact that you actually know what your plans are and what you’ve been doing in the past couple of weeks, how far you’ve advanced is far beyond anything else. So I know that anyone that’s working with you and that’s learning from you guys is truly getting 100% and that’s what I highly recommend, that anybody that has the opportunity of working with you guys definitely should. I am grateful to be working with you guys and I, as I told you before, I honestly intend us to do joint venture partnership stuff in the future because you guys are it, you guys have real, active, forward thinking and take action on the things you learn.

Phil: And Rob, one of the things he does, he actually runs what they call solo ad business. So if people want solo ads, where do they get that? What’s the website or how do they get to you?

Rob: Yeah. Our website is primeinsiders.com/soloads and that would be a way for people to purchase ads if they need some.

Phil: Okay, so, hope you’ve got something out of that and we’ll see you on another video.

Tony Cornish

Who Is Tony Cornish

Tony Cornish is one of the original owners/directors of Countrywide Media now merged with Austral Media to form the current company, Countrywide Austral (CWA). Together with Chris Pierlot, Tony has successfully run Countrywide Austral (formally Countrywide Media) for over 15 years where it has become the leading custom media publisher within the emergency service and non-profit sector.  Read More….

What Did Tony Have To Say On The Subject Of Phil

Yeah, hi there – my name is Tony Cornish, I’m the director of Countrywide Austral. We’re a publishing business, it’s around 20-years-old and I met Phil Matthews around 13 years ago and Phil came to me as a sales person and at the time, I wasn’t sure how well he would go. And in the end, he turned out to be a true asset to our business. Phil sold for the first couple of years only and then he, I promoted him as a manager and in that time I think just a salesman, not only he’s generated more than $1 million worth of revenue for our business, just selling advertising and cold calling. As a manager, he was fabulous. He put the sales person first, he looked after their best interests and the company’s interests first above his own. But in return, he was well-rewarded by his success and he was a true asset. Along the way Phil has also become a little bit of a mentor for me, someone I go to get support. Recently, I asked him to do a business plan for me which we’re going to implement in the near future. His techniques and his systems and his documentation has been second to none and I truly respect Phil as a sales person, as a leader, a mentor, and more importantly as a friend.

One of the observations I noted with Phil was he was quite eccentric. He was very different. He certainly puts sales people first and his own goals second. But he understood the concept that if the sales people got what they wanted, he would get what he wanted. And he certainly did that for a very long period of time. Over a period of time there Phil decided to go out on his own. He worked with me for probably 15 years and then decided to do his own internet marketing and advertising business. I believe that’s going very well for him, and if any of you out there are considering using Phil, I thoroughly recommend him and it would be a personal guarantee.

So for those out there who are entrepreneurial, who are business-like, good sales people, Countrywide Austral offers services or opportunities for people actually to sell advertising over the phone, potentially anywhere in Australia. We have an office in Byron Bay and we have an office in the city of Melbourne and basically, you can walk in and sell with clients such as the Federal Police Association, Victorian New South Wales Police, state emergency service – we sell advertising in our publications and a lot of people earning anywhere from $50,000-250,000 a year by working with us. So if you are interested, just Google CWAustral.com.au.

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