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How to Set a Facebook Ad Budget

Wondering how much you should spend on Facebook ads? Do you need to set a budget? In this article, you ll discover how to set a Facebook advertising budget by working backward from the revenue you need to generate. #1: Set a Target Revenue Goal Defining a revenue goal for your campaign seems like a simple […] This post How ...

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3 Ways to Create a Video Studio on Any Budget

Interested in delivering quality video content to your audience? Wondering what equipment you need? You don t need to spend a lot on high-end camera gear and equipment for your studio to create top-notch social media videos. In this article, you ll discover how to set up a video studio without breaking the bank. #1: Choose the […] This post ...

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How to Create Social Media Videos on a Budget

Do you want to add video to your social media content mix? Looking for ways to keep production costs low? Creating a video doesn t have to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in high-end production tactics like live actors or 3-D renderings. In this article you ll discover how to create and promote social media […] This post ...

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How to Get Results From Facebook Ads on a Budget

Are you using Facebook ads effectively for your business? Do you want to get results without spending a lot of money? By selecting a well-targeted audience with your Facebook ads, you can reach your goals without breaking the bank. In this article I ll show you how to set up your Facebook ads to generate big [ ] This post ...

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