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How to Manage Your Facebook Ad Frequency

Do you run Facebook ad campaigns? Wondering how many times your audience should see your ads? In this article, you ll discover what marketers need to know about managing the frequency of Facebook ads. Why Ad Frequency Matters Facebook defines ad frequency as the average number of times users see your ad. As an advertiser, you […] This post How ...

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4 Successful Influencer Campaigns You Can Model

Do you want to improve awareness for your business? Have you considered collaborating with influencers? Working with influencers to promote your product or service to their audience is an effective way to meet your marketing objectives. In this article, you ll find four influencer marketing examples and ways to connect with influencers. #1: Boost Sales To […] This post 4 ...

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5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Ad Campaigns

Do you want more from your social media efforts? Are you ready to try ad targeting? Using the right tactics to deliver and follow up on social media ad campaigns generates better quality leads. In this article you ll discover five tips to improve your social media ad campaigns. #1: Use Keywords in Ads Before you write [ ] This post ...

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How to Improve Your Social Media Holiday Campaigns

Do you have a social media plan for the holidays? Are you looking for ideas to improve your social media marketing over the holiday season? Whether you sell a product or service, social media can help you engage with holiday shoppers and generate more sales. In this article I ll share resources for building a social […]This post How to ...

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How to Use Facebook Gated Campaigns for Leads and to Grow Your List

Do you want a way to grow your list, get better feedback or increase user-generated content? Do you use Facebook giveaways and contests to collect information about your fans? Action-gated Facebook campaigns require users to share specific data or feedback before they can enter a giveaway or contest. In this article I ll show you the […]This post How to ...

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