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4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Do you use Facebook ads? Looking for tips to get a better return on your investment? With a few tweaks, you can increase the chances that your Facebook ad campaigns will succeed. In this article, you ll discover four ways to improve your Facebook ad campaigns. #1: Monitor Frequency Before Making Changes Often businesses will create Facebook […] This post 4 ...

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How to Manage Your Facebook Ad Frequency

Do you run Facebook ad campaigns? Wondering how many times your audience should see your ads? In this article, you ll discover what marketers need to know about managing the frequency of Facebook ads. Why Ad Frequency Matters Facebook defines ad frequency as the average number of times users see your ad. As an advertiser, you […] This post How ...

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How to Use Facebook Live From Your Desktop Without Costly Software

Are you looking for new ways to use live video? Have you considered using Facebook Live to host an on-screen walkthrough? Using Facebook Live from your desktop opens up a new world of marketing possibilities. In this article, you ll discover how to broadcast with Facebook Live using free open-source software. #1: Install OBS Studio OBS is free software […] This post How ...

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The Secret to Cutting Your Facebook Ad Spend

Are your Facebook ads costing you too much money? Do you want to run successful campaigns and not break the bank on advertising? The answer is not so obvious. And it starts with creative use of your blog. In this article, you ll discover how to reduce your ad spend on Facebook. #1: Write Five Focused […] This post The ...

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6 Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Your Business

Are you wondering how your business can use Facebook Live? Looking for examples to help you get started? Using live video will improve your Facebook reach and it can take less time than writing individual posts. In this article, you ll discover six ways your business can succeed with Facebook Live video. #1: Address Blog Comments One […] This post 6 ...

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