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City’s Education Costs

Highest in nation Great article researched by Ashley Argoon  and published in Melbourne’s Herald Sun We Jan 30th 2019 on page 5. A lot of parents put a lot of pressure on themselves to give their kids a good education but it doesn’t compare to the example they can give them in the home. Standard education will take you so ...

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Rise Of Online Hate Speech

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Race, Religion Targeted Recently I found an article related to the minds of some people who post on social media. To my way of looking at things, anybody who was properly motivated and working towards their goals would never have time to waste venting on social media. I personally am only interested in social media for commercial purposes, i.e advertising. ...

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Facebook Denies Selling Us Out

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Mark Zuckerberg pushes back I can remember going to an internet marketing seminar back in 2008 and one of the speakers warned us Facebook. He said that just be aware that once you post an image from your personal library, they now own it to use as they please. So here we are 10 years later and the plot thickens. ...

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The Games People Play!

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This is something I can remember people doing, it was like they were building a fortress around there self importance, maybe their title, and actually creating more work than was needed. It is what we call working from the outside in, the inner self worth is so limited they are going for security, at anybody’s expense, namely the boss’s. This ...

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Learn To Be Happy

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This article on happiness appeared on page 9 of Melbourne’s Herald Sun on Thursday October 11th 2018. So like most university learning, it’s limited and very much like a fad diet, or a quick food sugar hit, it doesn’t last and is unsustainable at best. If you want lasting and sustainable happiness then you need to investigate “Thinking Into Results”, ...

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