Affiliate Programs - A Strategic Entrepreneurial Approach

Affiliate Programs – A Strategic Entrepreneurial Approach

Affiliate Programs

A Strategic Entrepreneurial Approach


When we got started I had no idea what affiliate programs were. In fact I
had no idea about anything online. Finally I came to understand that you
could either sell your own products or you could sell other peoples products.

Like in the offline world you could have a shop which simply is an outlet
for other peoples products, the same holds true in the online world.

Right now at Phil and Tom it is true that we are affiliates for the different
online tools we use, like our autoresponder which is a simply a list
management tool to manage and distribute emails.

Another online tool we use is what is called a lead page which is a one page
website that allows you to capture someone elses email address.

If your goal is to build a business online that can provide significant income
for you and your family in the future then the number one thing too get your
head around is to become a list builder.

Become the the person that owns the list and to build a list the two tools
I have talked about are the foundational tools that every online business
will need and use.

If you know that listbuilding is the cornerstone to a successful online
business and if you know that every person that builds an online business
will need a list management tool like an autoresponder and an email capture
tool like a lead page then the question is do I build this product myself
or do I find someone who has already built it.

The great thing about these two online business tools is that most people
pay for them monthly, which is a great way to create and build a residual
monthly income that will pay you for as long as that person uses the tools.

As a strategic online business entrepreneur you have to be able to think
into the future, where you can see that you have new people getting onto your
list, and these people will need tools like an autoresponder and a lead capture

From a financial perspective, consider just 250 people who bought there
autoresponder and lead pages service through your affiliate link. Lets say
they paid $20 per month for those two services and you made a 30% commission.
So $40 worth of services by 30% breaks down to $12 and if you have the vision
to see 250 customers, where you are making $12 per month from each customer.

If you do the maths this works out to $3000 per month or $36000 per annum.
That sort of money can pay for all the tools you use and would also provide
great seed money to invest into paid advertising plus this type of idea is
something that compliments building your own brand and also compliments having
a big ticket affiliate system to offer down the track.
That’s my observation this week,

Phil Matthew







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