Are YOU Financially Literate? -
simple financial skill that puts thousands in your pocket?

Are YOU Financially Literate?

Hey … greetings from Phil Matthew.

WOW … what a week, life is relentless and full of contradictions, isn’t it?


Maybe your living in a comfort zone, or having a financial purple patch, enjoy it while it lasts!

Our last week has been all about securing cash flow opportunities for our business whilst at the same time dealing with family matters.

Business wise, stand by … because in a future correspondence I will tell you “the Phil and Tom story” of how we are making money from the shared economy.

Personally … in our world, we have elderly people we look after and sometimes they end up in hospital, which means we take the time out to make sure they are OK.

Can you see the challenge here?

Balancing business and family together.

On a financial note… here is simple financial skill that literally puts thousands into your pocket, so picture thousands.

Over the last six months Janine has been calling all our vendors, the people we do business with to secure better deals.

If YOUR going to win financially it’s critical to be managing your cost of living infrastructure, most people are  simply too busy to do this or they just don’t have the skills or confidence to deal with it.

YOU can save yourself thousands by simply making a phone call to the service provider and asking for a better deal.

Janine invested an hour to talk too our electricity and gas supplier and in the end come out with a 32% cheaper electricity deal and a 16% better gas deal which equated to a total saving of $2616.96

Think about that!

$2616.96 for one hours work.

The point here is that negotiating or simply asking for a better deal is one of the highest paid things a person can do.

Another way to look at is … “how many hours would you have to work to make $2616.96”

Well …. $2616.96  Divide what an average person would earn, lets say $25.00 per hour is the average for the sake of the example, extrapolated out ….equates to around 104 hours of normal work.

OR almost 3 weeks of full-time work completed in just one hour.

SO … to be successful financially it is going to be a balance between making or creating money and keeping your costs in line.

It’s when you “truly” have an awareness that making a dollar is the same as saving a dollar , that you will start to move forward financially BUT for most people this is simply outside their awareness.

Coming up in a future correspondence is some stories I have to get of my chest  that relate to the real online story, the story that most people simply just don’t want to talk about, so watch out for that.



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(Phil Janine and Tom Matthew)



P.S. ““That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased.” Ralph Waldo Emmerson

P.S.S If you are interested in researching having your own online business then just go to and just click on the “business model” tab.

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