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FW: jobs are a great place to get started BUT!

From: Phil and Tom [mailto:janine@philandtomplus.com] Sent: Friday, 14 April 2017 11:04 AM To: janinmat@outlook.com Subject: jobs are a great place to get started BUT!
jobs are a great place to get started BUT!
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Hey … greetings from Phil Matthew.
I am sitting here writing this communication on Good Friday in Australia … so it’s easter, and in Australia we have a long weekend.
As this communication goes out to thousands of people all around the world, if you celebrate easter I hope it all goes down well.
For us it’s all about family time and on easter Sunday and we will have around 20 family members coming to chew the fat and have some chill out time.
SO … as the subject line in this email suggests, having a job is a great place to start BUT! it will come with a price.
Research tells us that most people live lives of quiet desperation in their jobs because their are a few design flaws that are hard to navigate at best.
When I first started out in my working life I had a job.
Back then I was an engineering surveyor working my way up it’s corporate ladder, it’s all I knew and back then I thought I would do it forever.
To get that job and keep that job involved around 4 years of schooling which I loathed, but I finished what I started which is something I tend to do.
Along the way I volunteered to attend some personal development seminars where the seeds being sown got me thinking that maybe one day I could have my own business.
When I think back I can tell you I was a long, long long way off BUT I had an itch.
In future communications I will talk about some of the hugely challenging situations I found myself in and how I handled those situations, so stand by because you may also have an itch.
Anyway… as I have already said, a job is a great place to start because it pays the bills and can help you to develop new skills and if your really lucky, find a new friend, it’s rare but it can happen.
BUT on the other side of the coin, there are a couple of things you will have to deal with along the way.
1. You have to work with people you wouldn’t invite around to your house.
2. You may be bullied in some shape or form.
3. If your any good at what you do, you will never get paid what your worth.
4. The work becomes boring after 2 years.
5. People within the organisation do not have your best interests at heart and will lie directly to your face.
6. You live with daily conversations the are gossip related and small minded.
7. You have to work with people who are lazy and uninspiring which can sap the life out of your energy system.
8. If your a high income earner, just understand that you don’t own anything, you don’t own the database.
NOW… if your really dead set on having a job then why not at least make sure you get paid a lot of money doing it, which probably means you need to transition into sales at some point.
Just google …
how to progress in the best paying sales jobs
you will see a few ads BUT you should see a video I produced that answers this question, be sure to check it out.
brought to you by The Online Family (Phil Janine and Tom Matthew)
P.S. “if I succeed in business and I fail as a father, it’s all for nothing, its all about getting the balance right in life” Mark Wahlberg
P.S.S If you are interested in researching having your own online business then just go to www.philandtomplus.com
and just click on the “business model” tab.


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