How to become a millionaire fast | Discover The 8 Key Points

58 How to become a millionaire fast
in todays economy requires these 8 key points to be acheived.

0:09 How to become a millionaire fast
0:17 work smarter not harder
0:32 dont do what the average person does
0:47 the idea of making decisions
1:07 get in the habit of making decisions
1:19 Its just want enterpreneurs do

How to become a millionaire fast | Discover The 8 Key Points!

1. How to become a millionaire fast | Work Smarter Not Harder

If you want to know how to become a millionaire fast then
consider the quality of your decisions and the first decision
is deciding to work smarter and not harder and this requires

2. Winners Are Different!
Ask yourself, does the average person ever become a millionaire
in their lifetime? And the short answer is no. So right
there is a shortcut. If you want to know how to become a
millionaire then don’t think and do the the things the average
person does and thinks.

3. Make Better Decisions
Decide to become a millionaire permanently as opposed to
having it and then losing it, it’s just a decision. Just do
a little bit of research and you will find that history says
that most millionaires evolve over time.

4. How to become a millionaire fast | How long does it take today?
History is showing that it is taking around 5 years to become
a millionaire if we look at the internet marketing space as an
example. Most recently we have Matt Lloyd from Western Australia
who took from age 22 to age 27, he modelled an American guy
Jonathan Budd who did a similar timeframe.

5. Will There Be Struggles?
Normally there is a fair struggle which takes 2 to 3 years
and then once they have their head in the right place it can
take another year or two to run down.

Now these guys still have to keep it all together but they
both seem to have a good head on their shoulders with several
mentors to guide them.

6. Become An Entrepreneur!
Along the way you will need to develop the entrepreneurs
mindset and be prepared to take risks. The average person
does not like taking risks, except with their one income jobs.

7. How to become a millionaire fast | Choose A Business Vehicle!
You will need to be in business for yourself, another smart
decision. Being in business for yourself provides you with
the necessary tax deductibles, initially you just need to
have a self employed status in your country.

8. The Key Ingredients!
Ask yourself, “what skills do I need to learn to make the most
amount of money in the least amount of time?” and ask yourself
“is this vehicle designed to create high income and is that
income scalable?”

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about
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you in the right direction.

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