Internet Business Models | The 7 Secrets Guaranteed To Work!

126 Internet business models can come
in 7 different types so read on for the secret 7.

0:01 Internet business models review.
0:20 Internet business models overwiew.
0:45 Internet business models the big ticket affiliate model.
1:15 What do you really want to achieve in your life based on your experience so far?
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Internet Business Models | The Seven Options

All these internet business models should be about helping
people solve their problems, given that everything today is
busy and complicated, and people are looking for easier,
better, faster ways to improve their quality of life.

The Internet Business Model that provide a service.
This type of model relates to the consultant and coaching
style type of internet business model and can be expanded
into any idea that is going to help people monetize their
services via the internet.

An Internet Business Model that moves a physical product
Most people would recognise EBay with this type of model.
Even though the delivery aspects technologically are well
taken care of, sourcing products that sell and having storage
facilities all need to be considered.

Internet Business Models that move a digital product
The products in this model are referred to as info products, or
information products and are very cost effective method of
having a product that doesn’t require any physical storage
because it is digital and is created and housed in your computer.

Building a product is just the start, having it optimised and
beta tested so that it actually makes money is a whole new
ball game.

The Internet Business Model that allows you to be affiliated.
A very popular form of business because the product creation,
optimization and beta testing have already been done. All you have
to do is find the right traffic to the niche.

Internet Business Models that move software.
Now this is a great business model if you have the head for it.
Even if you don’t think you have the head for it, remember all
you have to do is come up with the idea and all that techy stuff
can be done by programmers.

An Internet Business Model built on memberships.
A great long term strategy because the people who have the
memberships are paying either monthly or annually. All you
have to do is over deliver on the value, plus this is a great
form of residual income generation.

Internet Business Models built on big ticket products.
This style of business combines the benefits of affiliate
marketing, licensing and quality big ticket offers that start
at $1000 and go all the way up to $100,000.

The commissions you receive from sales come in chunks of cash.
These chunks are $1000, $3000, $5000, $9000 just to give you
an example. The point here is you would have to sell a lot
of $10 ebooks to make the same sort of money plus the clientele
is very different.

The problem with this model is that big ticket products are
best sold over the phone and requires a huge like, know and
trust factor, so you would have to find company that does
the phone sales for you or you have to learn it yourself.

Online marketing and selecting profitable internet business
models can be a jungle and we have been in the jungle and came out
alive and I can guarantee you we can see how all the pieces to
the puzzle fit together in building successful internet business

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