Internet Home Business | The Shocking Truth Now Revealed!

50 Does an internet home business
have hidden benefits or is it a myth, you will be shocked!

0:01 Internet home business and the 12 reasons why you should do it
0:17 Heres the three that I actually think about
0:30 It’s your Ticket to high income
0:55 Internet home business and getting very skilled at that
1:11 Virtual real estate
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Internet Home Business | The 12 Reasons Why You Should Do It.

So I was digging around for information as you do and I hit
on this guy who obviously looked like he knew what he was
doing, he had around 20,000 subscribers on You Tube.

Anyway, this guy says “never before have we worked so hard
just to make money while we sleep”.

And that got me thinking about how true his statement was.
Anybody who knows the real truth knows this guy knows what
he is talking about which is very refreshing from the get
rich quick marketing hype.

So, I asked myself again, why am I doing this, what are
my reasons and I came up with 12 really good reasons really

How to Start a Home Internet Business

1. Personal Self Development
You have to become the best you, it stretches you
it challenges you.

2. It’s A The Future Trend
It’s where the future is, global economy which
is driven by technology.

3. It’s A Big Idea
It’s a big idea, a big project and it’s about
the dream, like someone once said, if you have to
think at all you may as well think big.

4. It Is A Real Business.
It’s a business where you are the CEO, you are the
brand, which means home office is tax deductible as
well as a % of your everyday bills.

This is something you can retire into.

So no office ego’s, politics and scullduggery, truly
paid for what your worth.

5. It Will Challenge You.
It’s the sort of business that is designed where you
can reach out and make a difference in other peoples
lives, meaning you can actually change their world,
and they will love you for it.

6. It Put’s You On The World Stage.
Emotionally, it’s your ticket, like a professional sports,
sports coaches, actors, producers, authors, directors they
are highly paid because it’s a healthy obsession, a
healthy addiction, so it’s very strategic and creative.

7. Developing an Internet Home Business Is Financially Smart.
Financially it’s about developing multiple streams of

8. It’s Financially Scalable.
Financially the income is scalable and financially it’s
about high income, think $100,000 p/m.

9. It’s The New Asset Class | Virtual Assets.
Financially you are building assets through blogs and
subscribers, so it’s about virtual real estate as distinct
from physical real estate.

10. An Internet Home Business Is Just A Better Design.
You choose your hours, you choose how hard you work and
you avoid the boring sitting in traffic scenario, you
avoid the public transport crush, you avoid the get to
work in the dark and get home in the dark, and ideally
you get to a point where you work because you want to
work and not because you have to work and you have a
real sense of achievement through your work.

11. You Can Involve And Help Your Family.
You can involve the family, there are four of us, eight
if you include the dogs and cats.

12. You Can Do It From Anywhere.
You can work from any location where there is internet

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about
building an internet home business then please contact us,
we can point you in the right direction.

For more videos by Phil and Tom that specialize in providing free
wealth creation strategies AND a laser focused online business
model to create online income PLUS our point of difference being,
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