Is Being A Dad Getting Harder?


Here is an article close to my heart which is about dads and kids.

It appeared in Melbourne’s Herald Sun on Fr 14th Jun pg.7 and the crux of the story is related to how important it is for dads to be chipping in on the domestic side of things, and not just the games.

Well it is what it is and fathers are generally a by product of how they were fathered, unless they’re not. My father did nothing domestically but once my mother died I picked up where she left off and it didn’t hurt me but helped me to take responsibility and become more domestically independent.

Dads Not All Play

LOTS of fun and play after a day’s work is not enough for dads to build strong relationships with their kids, one of Australia’s leading psychologists warns.

New research in the Journal of Family Psychology reveals that fathers must pitch in with the every day care of small children.

“Children look to their fathers as role models. They set the template for masculinity. While children might enjoy playing they need to see that dad takes a strong interest in their welfare and care,” Dr Michael Carr-Gregg said.

The research from the University of Georgia looked at the father-child relationship, how a secure attachment relationship was formed and the factors that could help develop a stronger relationship.


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