Lead Generation – 3 Proven Tips for Bloggers

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The Power Is In Your List

Lead Generation

 3 Tips to Grow Your List

By Blogging


Why Blogging Works For Lead Generation

Blogging has become the new main way information, articles, and videos
are being published online to view. People turn to the internet for
information, and also want to read from a regular writer.

They want articles that inform, educate, and entertain. Since so many
people receive these benefits from blogs, they’re also a great way to
drive traffic to your site regularly. Creating a blog can take some work,
but here’s a method I’ve used plenty of times that’s really simple.

Setting up WordPress

Before you can begin creating your blog, you’ll need a blogging platform.

WordPress is easily the most popular option and with good reason.

It’s powerful enough to run a big website, versatile enough to handle
anything, and popular enough that there are countless themes and plugins
for it.

Setting up WordPress is as simple as can be. Most hosting plans will
have an option to automatically install it onto your server with just
the click of a button (look for SimpleScripts).

If you need to install it yourself, simply download it for free. You
then upload it to your server, create a new database for it, and follow
the instructions. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Or, check
out Fiverr.com for freelancers who can do it for $5.

If you plan on making money online, look at your blog as an additional
way to attract new visitors and prospects to offer products and services
to… NOT as a business model where you’re paid totally off ad revenue.

Placing ads in the sidebar

The look and layout of a blog is determined by the theme you use. Most
themes will allow you to place image ads in the sidebar column.

These ads will appear on nearly every page of your blog and can be a
great way to promote your offers and get people clicking through to
your squeeze and sales pages.

Since you’re creating this blog to either make money or generate leads,
utilizing this ability to advertise on your blog is crucial. Some
bloggers prefer to create their own ads that link to an offer.

Others, however, will simply use Google Ads or a similar service and
let them decide what ads to put up.

Placing ads in the article

The articles posted to your blog can also be a great place to advertise.
It’s easy to add text links to the content of an article. And, this is
a very unobtrusive way to advertise. Since these are text-based links,
they fit perfectly into the body of an article. Not everyone can read
code, so you can add a link to your WordPress blog post simply by
pressing the hyperlink button right above where you enter the article

Placing ads after the article

Blog articles are a perfect way to presell someone on an offer. Let’s
say you run a blog about dating and you’re offering a product that helps
someone plan the perfect date.

Writing a blog post about how important it is to plan out a date will
put your readers into a receptive state. Placing an ad at the end of
this article is the best way to capitalize on that. Most ads like this
will be horizontal banners and are often visually eye-catching, or
use animation.

Popup footers, on the other hand, are a new technology which I and
many others have found to be very effective. These are the three main
ways to use a blog to attract visitors and then transport them to the
page where you call them to action of some kind. Getting people to
these “money pages” is absolutely key for success online.

If creating a website or writing regular posts sounds just a bit too
complicated or time-consuming, here’s something else you may want
to try. My “21 simple steps to making your first $1,000 online“,
even if you have no computer skills whatsoever, it may be perfect for you.

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