Lead Generation- 5 Ways to Generate Social Media Traffic
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Lead Generation – 5 Ways to Generate Social Media Traffic

Lead Generation


One of the good things about social media is that once you have an
engaged following, the traffic and attention you get from Facebook,
Twitter and Google Plus can be counted on over time.

And not only that—it comes with other benefits, such as top of mind
awareness, referrals, and more prequalified leads.

Social media is a powerful tool, and one that has proven its worth in
the marketplace. Here are a few ways your business can take advantage
of and maximize its benefits:

1. Publish Useful Content

Social media is all about communicating with humans, which means that
your content will have to be optimized for your readers and not just
for search engines.

Note that Google rewards sites that routinely publish fresh and
interesting content, and takes how many “likes” or “+1’s” a post
received when it was shared online.

The more useful readers find your content, the more likely they are to
become leads.

When you create and share valuable content, you establish yourself as
an authority in your niche.

This is how you get your pages bookmarked and shared.

Furthermore, people link to and cite experts. When publishing content,
familiarize yourself with your target audience in order to discover what
kind of information will be most useful for them.

Another important fact to remember is: you need an actual stream of
useful information, not dribs and drabs or even the occasional geyser.

You will have to publish lots of useful articles, day after day.

One or two good pieces are not enough to establish your reputation.

2. Post Frequently

Frequent posting helps to ensure that your audience sees your content.
It is too easy for even the best content to be drowned out by the
constant onslaught of information on the Internet.

And, Google rewards website owners that publish new pages at least
once per week (three times per week or daily will get even greater results).

Try not to overdo it, but post about once per day on Facebook and 1-5
times per day on Twitter, every weekday.

Avoid posting the same content over and over again, as people get
tired of it. Instead, mix it up with links, videos, and pictures.

3. Make Your Content Easy to Share

Fortunately, there are lots of tools for this available. Social sharing
buttons can help to make the task of sharing much easier for your readers.

This means that your articles are shared with a minimum of effort
expended on your part.

lead generation, lead generation companies, lead generation software, lead generation ideas, lead generation strategies, lead generation services, lead generation techniques, b2b lead generation, online lead generation

Instead of sharing content, you get to spend your time writing new stuff.

4. Engage Your Audience

According to Merriam-Webster, one definition of “engage” is to “get
and keep someone’s interest.” In a social media setting, this chiefly
has to do with commenting and linking as well as just generally
being active.
Nowadays, people prefer to buy from businesses that make themselves
available for interaction and are transparent about their weaknesses
and mistakes. Being polite and professional can help you to make friends
and build a fan base that trusts you.

5. Pay Attention to Your Profile 

No matter which social networks you are using, the benefits you receive
are dependent on the quality of your profile. Provide as much
information as possible—especially links to your other websites.
The methods of doing this will vary from site to site, but your profile
will be your identity to your audience and can be helpful in making a
good first impression as well as driving traffic from those who check it.

Building a social media presence is very effective for building a brand
and lead generation, but doing it from scratch can be difficult and


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