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Online coaching requires no outlandish get rich quick or magic pill nonsense.
But more seo solid decision making, good planning and great focus.

I was reading an article in our city paper and it was all about the modern
world and the all the modern distractions like mobile phones, Facebook, video
games and the like which got me to thinking, how this applies to the world of
making money online and what online coaching is all about.

The article was basically saying that in a study by the university of Virginia
in the USA the latest and newest generation have developed the habits of
needing to be continually stimulated with these modern stimuli to the point
that if required to just sit by themselves with their thoughts for 15 minutes,
they actually couldn’t do it.

Now you might be thinking big deal but the article was bringing to light the
idea that this pattern of needing continual stimuli from social media, mobile
phones etc develops habits that are harmful to any long term financial gains.

The point here is that everything today is instant and anything that is percieved
as long term is simply given lip service too.

This has huge ramifications financially, because to win financially requires
good long term desicion making and a lot of consistent mental work.

The mental work I am alluding to is related to planning and focusing on the
fruition of ideas 2 to 5 years out, even 10 years out.

Someone once said “the harder I work the luckier I get” or what about the idea
of “I do more than I am paid to do so that eventually I get paid more for what
I do”.

So even for those who get to the thinking phase, the planning and the focusing
part of the deal, one guy said it this way “if you have to think at all you
may as well think big”.

Online marketers know that if they don’t get your money, then the next guy will
which is all about the here and the now. They might get your money now but
long term it’s no way to build a business online.

Long term it’s should be all about the idea that customers are like an oil
well and a buyer is worth 20 times more than what an opt in is, and that the
person who has just bought is much more likely to buy from you again,
providing they like you, know you and trust you.

So at some point, instead of being a business opportunity seeker who jumps
from one thing to the next, it’s far more productive to become a strategic
business entrepreneur, and becoming a strategic business entrepreneur requires
we get back to the fundamentals of getting wealthy permanently which requires
good decision making, planning, risk taking and investment dollars.

That’s my observation this week,

Phil Matthew


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