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Using The Power Of Gratitude

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Sales Tip – Cultivate The Attitude Of Gratitude

Change you mindset not only in your day-to-day activities,

but in your approach to selling as well.

DO NOT SAY – “This Guy is just pulling my chain”

SAY – “This Guy is getting me closer to the next sale “

SAY – “Thanks for the opportunity to practice my pitch”

History tells us that gratitude is used by all successful people

You would have heard them say thanks to many not just about

their good experiences BUT also about their not so good experiences

Sales Tip – Cultivate The Attitude Of Gratitude

With A Gratitude Journal

Begin a gratitude journal – grab a notepad/exercise book/diary

Spend a few minutes each day and write down what you are grateful for

Learn to accept the negative as an opportunity to grow

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