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How to Create a Facebook Local Event for Your Business

Do you market a local business on Facebook? Have you heard about the Facebook Local app? In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook Local to create events that drive in-store foot traffic. What Is the Facebook Local App? Facebook Local (iOS and Android) was previously the stand-alone Events app before Facebook rebranded it […] This post How to ...

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How to Optimize Facebook Ad Bidding: Clicks or Impressions?

Do you advertise on Facebook? Wondering if you should choose your bidding by link clicks (CPC) or impressions (CPM)? In this article, you’ll discover how choosing bids for ads affects your Facebook ad campaigns. #1: Create Your Campaign The option to choose whether you get charged by link click (cost per click, or CPC) or […] This post How to ...

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New Facebook Advertising Research for Marketers

Is Facebook part of your marketing plan? Wondering if Facebook ads are still worthwhile? In this article, you ll discover stats from recent Facebook advertising research. You ll also find insights to help you make more informed choices for your advertising campaigns. #1: Facebook Revenue & Growth Statistics No one wants to invest in a platform that s […] This ...

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How to Develop Buyer Personas Using Facebook Insights

Wondering how to create a buyer persona? Looking for free tools to help you? Facebook offers several useful tools that allow businesses to conduct detailed audience research. In this article, you ll discover how to use Facebook Insights to quickly and easily create a buyer persona for free. What Is a Buyer Persona? If you were […] This post How ...

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