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Snapchat Advertising: Is It Working? New Research

Thinking of advertising on Snapchat? Wondering if others are finding Snapchat ads effective? In this article, you ll discover new research that sheds light on whether advertising on Snapchat is worthwhile for businesses. #1: Lack of Hard Analytic and Audience Data Makes Advertisers Wary Advertisers must be able to serve highly targeted ads to audiences to accomplish their goals. […] This post Snapchat ...

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5 Benefits of Working With Social Media Influencers

Do you want more exposure for your small business on social media? Wondering if partnering with influencers can help? Partnering with niched micro-influencers helps bring maximum brand awareness, conversions, and ROI to targeted social media campaigns. In this article, you ll discover five ways influencers can boost your digital marketing efforts. #1: Improve Your Search Ranking […] This post 5 ...

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5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Are you looking for ways to use Instagram Stories? Want to know what s working for other businesses? The videos, pictures, and text in Instagram stories help pique your followers interest on an authentic and personal level. In this article, you ll discover how five businesses are using Instagram Stories and how you can create similar content. […] This post ...

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8 Twitter Tips to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Is your Twitter marketing working? Do you want more engagement for your tweets? Knowing how to write your tweets and when to publish them can increase visibility, boost engagement and drive traffic to your site. In this article you ll discover eight tips to deliver better tweets. #1: Tweet Without Links Research shows that tweets without [ ] This post ...

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How to Boost Your Influence Using Your LinkedIn Profile

Is your LinkedIn profile working for you? Want to build a presence that supports your company role? While many people think of LinkedIn as a place only for jobseekers, salespeople and recruiters, LinkedIn can help employees build a influence around any business role. In this article you ll discover three ways to build a LinkedIn presence [ ] This post ...

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