There Is More Going On Than Meets The Eye


Here is a great thought provoker related to the things that are going on outside our awareness but are related to why, who and what we really are.

What I have chosen to believe is everything is energy and that energy came from an explosion around 15 billion years ago which scientists have called the big bang, so in effect we humans are a chemical cocktail, go ahead and see for yourself, just google “what is the chemical composition of a human being”
Thanks to the Herald Sun’s Mark Dunn who researched the article which appeared on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 on pg.6.

Unlocking Neutrino Mysteries – Mark Dunn

A GIANT underwater telescope will be placed at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea with the help of Australian scientists to investigate some of the most powerful but elusive events in the universe

— the interactions of neutrinos.

Produced by the sun, each second 1000 billion neutrinos pass through every person and thing but are difficult to detect.

Located at two sites at depths of up to 3500m, the KM3NeT telescope will occupy more than a cubic kilometre of water and feature hundreds of vertical detection lines anchored to the seabed.

Curtin University researcher Dr Clancy James, a member of the international team, said the highly sensitive telescope needed to be surrounded by a vast water body to analyse subatomic neutrinos passing through the Earth, entering at Australia and exiting the opposite side of the planet in the Mediterranean.

Neutrino particles are one of the most abundant particles in the universe but, with no electrical charge and a mass close to zero, they are one of the least understood ingredients in all matter.

“Neutrinos very rarely interact, however, when a neutrino hits water it generates light, which the KM3NeT telescope is able to detect,” Dr James said. “This project will help us answer some of the major questions around particle physics and the nature of our universe, potentially ushering in a new era in neutrino astronomy.”


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