They Won't Talk About This! -

They Won’t Talk About This!


What is that one thing most online marketers won’t talk about!

Do you like the movies?

Yesterday afternoon I went to see the movie “The Founder” which was all about how, who, what, where and why “The McDonald’s” business was built.

In the movie, that one thing most online marketers don’t want to talk about nearly destroyed “McDonald’s” before it got started.

Like every movie I go to see, it was a love story, the love of one man’s dreams and the love of one man’s wife to then wanting to love another mans wife, who says marriage is forever!

Other things I liked was the issue of having vision, this movie illustrates the vision of the McDonald brothers and the vision of eventual McDonald’s owner Ray Kroc.

Which begs the question, do you live life with a vision?

Ray Kroc was 52 when he started to pursue the McDonald’s idea and he had many failures up until that point, which begs the question!

Is it ever too late to start to pursue a vision?

At Phil and Tom we believe it’s important to live life with a vision, and the reason I say that is because it’s just easier to live.

In my next piece I will talk more about the word vision and why I think it’s easier and better to live with one, stay tuned.

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(Phil, Janine and Tom Matthew)

P.S. “Confidence comes from taking action and reinforcing your wins”. Phil Matthew

P.S.S If you are interested in researching having your own online business then just go to and just click on the resources tab.

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