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What are the 3 money fundamentals you need to understand!

what_are_the_3_money_fundamentals_you_need_to_understand!, money fundamentals

Hey … greetings from Phil Matthew.

What a week it’s been in Australia.

This week we have had some big days with friends, just drinking and eating, just chilling out, it’s good to have people in your life you like spending time with, don’t you agree?

Janine has started another arm to our business which is related to administering loan applications for brokers, she’s got those typical female skills happening where she can multitask and do ten things at once, she certainly impresses me.

Tom is moving forward with his content for his You Tube channel Tom Spartan, just google Tom Spartan and you will find it.

Tom’s you tube channel is another real life version of a young person who is branding their passions for profit.

The idea behind it is pretty straight forward, you tube allows you to become a broadcaster, allows you to have your own television station where like normal tv channels, it’s the advertising that pays the bills.

In our last communication I mentioned I would reveal the 3 money fundamentals a person needs to understand and master in this crazy modern world, more about that shortly.

My daughter Louise had her engagement party and everyone had a great night, she gets married this time next year.

In our town right now, (Melbourne Australia) we will be hosting the formula one grand prix, something I have absolutely no interest in BUT I did go and see the latest “KONG” movie which I thought was great, in a nutshell it was a love story.

In our next communication I want let you in on a secret, it’s an online secret, so if you have ever thought about making money online, I’m going to give you some great advice that most people overlook when thinking about starting an online career.

NOW… those 3 money fundamentals you need to understand, otherwise you will probably end up broke. In weeks to come I will give a greater explanation on why these 3 points are the way they are.

Anyway here they are…

  1. It does not matter how much money you make that counts, it’s about how much you get to keep that counts more
  2. Average people think that more money is the answer when it’s actually “NOT”. For the average person, more money just exacerbate’s the problem because most people are feeding their symptoms i.e their ego verses treating the cause!
  3. The more money you make, the more money you spend, that’s why more money doesn’t make you rich …. it’s assets that make you rich.

So don’t forget at Phil and Tom we believe in the idea as humans we can grow and develop ourselves to whatever we want to be and that it’s ok to not to be you want to be right now.

It’s all about your choices for the future and the effort your prepared to put in.






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(Phil Janine and Tom Matthew)

P.S. If YOU keep doing what you have always been doing you will always have what you’ve got.  “Anonymous”

P.S.S If you are interested in researching having your own online business then just go to www.philandtomplus.com and just click on the “business model” tab

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